Trolling the Beauty World with the Flip of a Script

To get millennials to look beyond the label, Virtue took Suave undercover in a social experiment that turned some of our biggest skeptics into Suave Believers.


Strategy, Creative, Analytics, Social Engagement, Video Production

The most hated on haircare brand in social

People dismiss Suave because they think it’s too cheap to work. But, those who try it love the results. With a quality product and an image problem, we set out to make the brand relevant and take down the idea that in haircare, you get what you pay for.

Becoming friends with the cool girls

We disguised Suave as a chic newcomer named Evaus. With the look of today’s coveted brands, complete with millennial-pink packaging and a cute social feed, Evaus went out to be tested by today’s new beauty authorities: product-obsessed influencers.

The Results

  • Online Impressions in 1 Week 64MM+
  • Earned Media Placements 334
  • Avg View Duration 1:32

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