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We are proud to share this first-of-its-kind deep dive into the lives and minds of Gen Z parents from around the world.
Most people still think of Gen Z as kids. Kids born after 1996 and before the early 2010’s, who’ve lived through perspective-shaping events—ubiquitous internet, economic collapse, radicalization and terrorism, a global pandemic. Kids who have learned from previous generations’ hindsight. Their generation is perhaps the most savvy, honest, industrious, inclusive, self-aware, and collective-minded generation in history. They think and behave in new ways, they champion new values, they aspire to new ideals, and they pursue them through new means. Generation Z is reimagining every part of culture they touch, and the world of parenting is next.
To understand how this generation is navigating and redefining parenthood, we embarked on a robust three-part research study. We first met with Gen Z parents in their homes, where their real lives happen, to understand who they are day in and day out. We probed deeper into their attitudes and preferences with rich and detailed individual conversations, finally turning all of those learnings into a large global survey where we polled over 7,500 parents around the world. This included a control group of Gen Y parents to truly measure the impact Gen Z is making on the world of parenting. Engaging with these parents across 7 countries (the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, France and the UK) allowed us to quantify the trends and tensions Gen Z parents are experiencing, on a global, local and generational level.
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