We want to share what inspires us and in so doing, arm you with intelligence and insights from around our borderless, global network. As the agency born from VICE, we have access to some of the most insightful thinkers and makers impacting the world today; here is where we open some of it up to you too.
Digital Renaissance
Our guide to understanding
the new digital age before it crosses over into the mainstream
We are in a Digital Renaissance. In this new world, bedrooms are the new Silicon Valley, the Influencer bubble has burst and the next wave of entrepreneurs come from Only Fans, not business school. Virtue has created a guide for understanding this new age before it crosses over into the mainstream — futurecasting what it could mean for industries and ideas of the future.
Scar Tissue
A report exploring the potential long-term effects of 2020 on Gen Z
Recessions faced during our formative years of 16-22 leave behavioural scars we carry through life: 2008’s crash and the anxiety of income instability saw millennials delay having children and buying houses. Today, it will be Gen Z who face potentially the worst recession in a century during these key formative years. The scars will be deep, impacting society, culture, and business forever.

In Scar Tissue, we explore what the long-term effects of this year might be, so as brands and products are born or redesigned for our new reality, we can equip our partners with the knowledge to build something that will be relevant for the long term, not just the next 12 months to survive the crisis.
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