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The Screenwear Paper is the first global exploration of the real world expectations, desires and experiences of the digital fashion audience now, the value they place on digital vs physical and a hands-on guide to what’s next…
"In 20 years, it will be everywhere."
Benoit Pagotto, RTFKT
“Can you be a body that is not yours? How far can you take your identity? This is something we need to figure out.”
Amber Jae Slooten, The Fabricant
“There's something empowering about dressing up digitally. You can be whoever you want to be."
Nicola Formichetti,
Creative Director to Lady Gaga
A Truly 
Global Study
The Screenwear Paper investigates the potential of virtual fashion with global leading experts, alongside interest and adoption with consumers. Translated by Virtue Futures into a guide for Fashion Next.
x8 Markets
US, Mexico,
UK, Germany,
South Korea,
Saudi Arabia,
Egypt, UAE

3000 consumers surveyed

19 in-depth interviews
Available 01.03.22,
18:00 CET

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The Buckaclava channels digital fashion's allure of untethered creativity for designers. As physical restrictions dissolve, respondents expect to see new modes of expression and a shift of power towards independent creators.

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The Screenwear
Paper Contents
01 Into the Metaverse
  • Digital fashion timeline
  • Perceptions and behaviours around metaverse
  • Virtual goods purchase journeys
02 Digital Fashion Now
  • Key purchase drivers and motivations
  • The IRL value of digital fashion
  • Market breakdown/ ecosystem
  • Virtue Predictions over the next 3-5 years
03 Digital Fashion Next
A guide from brands and creators.
Consumer expectations & advice from experts:

  • Designing for Identity
  • Building a Seamless Experience
  • Coding for the Collective
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