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New Codes of Luxury

New Codes Of Luxury: Where status is sustainable
38 Page PDF Report

Collective Awakening

Analysing the pivot from a world obsessed with individualism, to one with a more interconnected way of living, expressing and consuming: one constructed in Gen Z's image
51 Page PDF Report

The Future of Stuff

A global deep dive into how and why our relationship with goods has changed and what that means for brands and the shopping experience
40 Page PDF Report

Versus: LATAM's Gen Z Report

A radically empathic framework for deciphering Latin America’s complex youth
47 page PDF Report

Sex Re-Education

There's a huge opportunity for brands concerned with intimacy to step in and teach people about pleasure, consent and health, so everyone can have safe, satisfying sex
5 Min Read

We, The Family: Introducing Gen Z Parenthood

In just a couple of years, nearly half of all new parents will be Gen Zers — an unexplored cohort quietly dismantling the face of parenting as we know it
64 page PDF Report (Download)

Some brands are guilty of pink washing and don't know it

Non-inclusive brands are taking up most of the space in conversations about inclusivity. Where does that leave us?
5 Min Read

The Spaces In Between: Eastern Women & Identity

Our study spans 7 countries as it explores 5 major themes through the eastern female gaze: Identity, Reflection, Performance, Labelling, and Collective Action
78 Page PDF Report (Download)

Ramadan: time to break with the clichés in advertising

Virtue explores four distinctive paths that advertisers can utilize in their Ramadan campaigns to stand out and be additive to culture
23 Page PDF Report (Download)

Ramadan: Artist Commission

To celebrate the beginning of the holy month, we invited Ichraq Bouzidi to explore some of the themes of our Ramadan report which appealed to her
5 Min Read

Alcohol & Cannabis: a changing of the guard?

One can be taken in church, the other can take you to jail: but with each new generation eroding the status quo, the attitudes, laws and economics are quickly shifting
27 Page PDF Report (Download)

Twisted commercial culture & the pop culture power shift

For the 1st time in history, public, celebs, brands & governments are sharing the same platforms of influence. Gen Z have turned consumer to creator & it's their ball now
5 Min Read

Scar Tissue: exploring potential effects of 2020 on Gen Z

2008’s crash saw millennials delay having children/buying houses: crises faced during our formative years leave behavioural scars. We predict 5 likely shifts for Gen Z
26 Page PDF Report (Download)

Heteronormativity is a fun suck even if you’re not queer

The ideas that underpin heteronormativity are holding us all back from a life where it’s normal, not shameful or threatening, to find out where that desire takes us
10 Min Read

Animal Crossing: a guide to New Horizons

New Horizons was the first AC game where sharing the player experience via social media was possible. With it came a feast of world building and brand integration
38 Page PDF Report (Download)

We've lost touch with beauty and with it ourselves

Modern beauty standards, photoshop and now face filters are making our natural states unattractive to our very selves. Our industry has a responsibility & an opportunity
5 Min Read

Digital Renaissance: a guide to the new digital age

Bedrooms are the new Silicon Valley, the Influencer bubble has burst and the next wave of entrepreneurs come from Only Fans, not business school
27 Page PDF Report (Download)

Gaming: an untapped opportunity for brands and society

It already shapes headline culture, but there's huge potential sitting at the intersection of gaming and education too
5 Min Read

Sick of "queerness" being treated as an accessory by pop

The fetishization of queer female sexuality stands directly in the way of queer female sexual discovery
5 Min Read

Esports: bigger than a game

AN introductory guide to understanding the landscape and the alternatives to the marketing playbooks of traditional sports
38 Page PDF Report (Download)

Youth in Pandemic: Hopes & fears for an uncertain future

March 2020: our Information Desk spoke to nearly 10,000 respondents across 30 countries to give a unique insight into Gen Z / Millennial cohorts’ pandemic mindsets
27 Page PDF Report (Download)

Youth in Pandemic: The kids are not alright

Sept 2020: Following on from March, we track the evolution of youth’s attitudes and behaviours over seven months to determine the pandemic’s lasting impact on the world
39 page PDF report (Download)